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Residential properties for sale in Mysore are in high demand in the last decade owing to the increasing growth of companies in and around the city

It is an innate characteristic behaviour of human beings to live and lead a life in residential settlements as it provides them with shelter and a place to rest and recuperate. Since ages, people have fought each other for real estate. In a country like India with a population of more than a billion, everybody dreams of owning a house for themselves and their family. While some have indulged themselves in real estate business for investment purposes, a few others have bought properties for living purposes. Considering the fact that there is a multitude of options for the same across the nation, Mysore has become a hotspot for real estate buying and selling. Especially, residential properties for sale in Mysore are in high demand in the last decade owing to the increasing growth of companies in and around the city.

Given the fact that Mysore is a tier-2 city, displaying an exponential growth spurt in infrastructure development in the last 10 years, it is no wonder that residential properties in Mysore are selling like hot cakes for two major reasons. First, this city is considered a haven for leading a retired life. Second, the employment opportunities in the city have grown by multiple folds owing to the inception of innumerable corporate companies and start-ups. This has created a flurry in the real estate market of late. In the last two years, the growth trend for sites and plots in Mysore have increased by 187%, according to the website www.makaan.com. Investors from across the state of Karnataka, who were vying for a piece of land in Bangalore, are now looking at investment options in Mysore real estate.

This is because the market pricing of Mysore real estate is still low compared to Bangalore and the availability of residential properties in Mysore is quite large at the moment. The average price for a square foot of land in Mysore is around ₹10000 while the price for the same in Bangalore is hovering somewhere around ₹81000. At just 150 kilometres away from Bangalore, Mysore is proving to be an affordable and smart investment option when it comes to residential properties. These mind-blowing numbers, in no means, mean that one should act prematurely and rush to buy residential properties in Mysore. It is advisable to do the homework and study the market before taking a major decision. To conclude, it seems that investing in residential properties in Mysore can prove to be worthwhile nonetheless.

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